Transport is central to Greater Manchester’s plan to make the city-region one of the best places in the world to grow up, get on and grow old. 

Having an integrated public transport network and supporting walking and cycling will enable our residents to lead fulfilling and productive lives, reduce inequality and isolation and make Greater Manchester cleaner, green and healthier. It will also help build thriving neighbours, communities and town centres where people want to live, work and study. 

Our road and rail networks place Greater Manchester at the heart of the UK and our city-region will place a central role in rebalancing the national economy. Manchester Airport provides an international link to passenger and freight networks. 

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is the public body responsible for co-ordinating transport services throughout Greater Manchester.

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Our Network

Our Network sets out everything we want to achieve over the next ten years to improve our public transport and walking and cycling networks so that getting around our city-region is easy, accessible and affordable.

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Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040

Our long-term plan to create a city-region where people have a better quality of life with improved health, a greener environment and a stronger economy. We want 50% of all journeys in Greater Manchester by 2040 to be by walking, cycling or public transport. That’s a million more sustainable journeys every day.

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Bus Franchising

Greater Manchester is changing the way that buses are run.

Buses are being brought under local control and will be run by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) in the biggest change to public transport in the city-region in over 30 years.

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Franchising, or local control, will deliver passenger benefits, including simpler fares and ticketing, with the ability to offer price capping for journeys across both buses and trams so that no-one must pay more than a certain amount for daily, weekly or monthly journeys. It will also enable better joined-up planning between bus and tram journeys so passengers will be able to quickly and easily change between them. It will also mean a ‘one-stop shop’ for travel information and customer support, as well as consistent standards for a high-quality passenger experience across the network.  GMCA will also be able to develop one identity for Greater Manchester’s transport network, which is attractive, clearly recognisable and easy for passengers to understand.

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Council Tax - Transport Funding

Transport is an important part of life for everyone in Greater Manchester. It connects people with jobs, education and their families; it gets customers and suppliers to businesses and it connects people with important public services.

This page gives an overview of how revenue funding will be spent on transport over the next 12 month

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