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Education centres

Our Education Centres

The Education team at Recycle for Greater Manchester is here to support you with educating and engaging students and residents in the Greater Manchester waste contract area (this excludes Wigan). We provide site visit opportunities, online sessions,  resources , games and films that encourage residents to waste less and recycle more.

Longley Lane education centre

See how recycling is sorted from over a million homes.

A visit includes:

  • A  tour of the Materials Recovery Facility
  • See how your plastic bottles are sorted using infrared lasers
  • Find out how glass bottles and jars are given a clean using cyclones
  • Watch how we turn your aluminium drinks cans and foil into biscuits (not suitable for eating)

For more information, visit the Recycle for Greater Manchester website


Salford Road Solar Farm

Visit our Solar Farm and see how sunlight is converted into electricity to help power our facilities and help towards our carbon reduction targets

A visit includes:

  • An hour tour of the Solar Farm
  • See how sunlight is being used to generate electricity
  • Find out how the site fits in with the waste contract in Greater Manchester
  • Find out what happens in the adjacent waste facilities and Recycling Centre