Birds eye view of a Recycling centre

Recycling Centres

There are 20 household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) located across Greater Manchester, which are free to use for residents living in any of the nine out of the 10 Greater Manchester boroughs (excluding Wigan). The sites are open every day and only close on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, sites are open on all other bank holidays.

Recycling rates have improved year on year DEFRA have recently published recycling rates which show an increase from 47.7% in 2020/21 to 50.9% in 2021/22 for Greater Manchester. The increase is down to improved recycling facilities across the network of 20 HWRC’s operated by SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK. This includes new containers for mattresses, carpets, vapes and hard plastics as well as containers where household items can be donated for reuse. you can see your local HWRC recycling rates on our website or when you visit a site.  For a full list of items that can be recycled at your local HWRC.

Three recycling centres also have shops where you can buy pre-loved items that would have otherwise gone to waste. The Renew shops are located at recycling centres at Boysnope Wharf in Irlam, Arkwright Street in Oldham and Woodhouse Lane in Trafford.

Renew Shops - Greater Manchester (external website)

Revenue from sales of items in the shops goes to the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity £100,000 per year and the Recycle for Greater Manchester Community Fund . The fund makes £220,000 available for community groups, charities and schools for projects which help prevent, reuse, or recycle household waste.

Trade waste is not permitted at any of the 20 HWRC’s. All traders and businesses must pay for the disposal of trade/business waste; the HWRCs are for household waste only. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA 1990), trade waste must be disposed of at appropriately permitted facilities for a reasonable charge and anyone transporting such waste is subject to the requirements of Duty of Care (set out at section 34 of the EPA 1990).  Traders can use any of the waste transfer stations operated by SUEZ to dispose of trade waste.

Business & Trade Waste Disposal (external website)

The trade waste access restriction policy was introduced in early February 2020, this was followed by the van permit policy being introduced. If you are visiting your local household waste recycling centre to dispose of household waste using your own van, hire van, pick-up truck or a twin axle trailer you will need to apply for a free permit before you visit.

Please note all pick-up trucks and some campervans may need to visit one of our larger sites. See here for more details.

Van and twin axle trailer permit (external website)