Current training opportunities

Below is an overview of each training programme currently live arranged by industry. If you'd like to search for further learning opportunities, use the GM Skills Map (external site).


Skills City

Skills Bootcamp in Cloud Engineering (External Link)

Skills City’s Skills Bootcamp will provide residents with the opportunity to upskill and retrain to help fill in demand roles within the digital sector. Skills City aims to improve digital diversity and break the barriers to the tech industry faced by those from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds. The Cloud Engineering course will take place over 12 weeks and will be delivered through both theory lessons and lab sessions. 

Skills Bootcamp in Software Engineering (External Link)

Skills City's Skills Bootcamps will provide residents with the opportunity to upskill and retrain to help fill in demand roles within the digital sector. Their Software Engineering course will take place over 16 weeks, Tuesday to Thursday, 10am-1pm. It will offer a broad understanding of the fundamental building blocks needed to work on web developments and other programming work using an industry-relevant language. 

Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics (External Link)

Skills City's Skills Bootcamp is designed to help residents with no prior tech knowledge to enter the workforce as skilled Data Analysts and DevOps specialists. You’ll gain knowledge of Data Analytics, AI Fundamentals, Cloud Engineering and more.

We Are Group

Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing (External Link)

This is a fully funded 10-week course that provides digital marketing training to those seeking opportunities to get back into work, change career paths or just want to progress. Delivered by industry expert trainers, learners will learn the fundamental skills of the modern digital marketing workforce. We Are Digital make sure only the freshest ideas and content are incorporated into the course; giving learners an invaluable experience that can be applied both theoretically and practically in the working world. 

Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics (External Link)

This fully funded 10-week course is led by industry experts and designed to teach you the essentials of data analytics. The course structure combines remote and face-to-face sessions, providing a blended learning experience for this level 3 equivalent program. You'll gain skills in various areas, such as Data Collection, Validation, and Data Reporting. Additionally, you'll receive extra support for employability, and you'll have the option to earn accreditations from companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

The Growth Company

Skills Bootcamp in Software Development (External Link)

This 12-week Skills Bootcamp in Software Development is an immersive course, focussing on Web Development and Software Development concepts using the JavaScript programming language. This Skills Bootcamp offers a comprehensive and hands-on introduction to the exciting field of software development. 

Skills Bootcamp in Cloud Computing (AWS) & Data Engineering (External Link)

This 12-week Skills Bootcamp provides a comprehensive and hands-on introduction to the world of cloud computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Participants will learn essential knowledge and skills that can’t be found in a textbook – like problem-solving, communication skills and working in a team, as well as the fundamental technical and commercial skills needed to secure a great career in tech. 

Skills Bootcamp in Content Creation and Branding (External Link)

This six-week Skills Bootcamp explores content marketing and brand design, covering SEO, paid ads, email marketing and much more. This Skills Bootcamp provides the perfect opportunity for learners to develop a personal brand and become a skilled content creator to make a lasting impression in today's competitive market. 


Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics (External Link)

The Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics provides learners with a complete understanding of data processing life cycles. Learners will have the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised CompTIA qualification.  

Skills Bootcamp in Cloud Engineering with Cyber Security & Web Development (External Link)

This Skills Bootcamp in Cloud Computing, cyber security and web development provides learners with a comprehensive introduction and overview of cloud-based principles, networking concepts, and the basics needed to understand cyber security, as well as some basic programming and web development skills. Learners will have the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised CompTIA qualification. 


Construction and Green


Skills Bootcamp in Construction Multi Skills for Building Repairs and Retrofit (External Link)

This Skills bootcamp will enable learners to develop practical construction multi-trade skills, as well as additional retrofit skills and awareness, linked to achievement of a Level 2 NOCN Multi Trades qualification. Course graduates will be able to progress into a range of construction site, property maintenance and retrofit roles. Groundwork Greater Manchester will be delivering 12 week full time courses for serving prisoners in HMP Forest Bank, whilst B4Box will be running a 15 week part time programme in Stockport for unemployed, employed and self-employed learners. 

Rochdale Training

Skills Bootcamp in Engineering Maintenance  (External Link)

This course is for anyone looking to get into maintenance roles with a key focus on either mechanical or electrical. This practical course will offer learners the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of maintenance. It will include advanced fault finding, the maintenance of gears and valves together with a review of efficiency benefits to employers. 

SB Skills

Skills Bootcamps in Construction (External Link)

This five week intensive Bootcamp offers three pathways with a combination of practical and theory-based delivery to enable learners who are already working within the construction sector to upskill and further develop themselves to undertake new roles or additional responsibilities. The pathways will provide an opportunity to become certified to use a 360 Excavator, Telescopic Handler or Roller/Dumper and provides additional wraparound training to compliment the core plant machinery training delivered.  

Mantra Learning

Skills Bootcamp in Electric Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (External Link)

The Electric vehicle Maintenance Skills Bootcamp designed to upskill mechanics in the field of Electric Vehicle (EV) maintenance and repair. This comprehensive program includes IMI Level 2, 3, and 4 qualifications, enabling participants to diagnose and repair faults in electric vehicles. By completing this Skills Bootcamp, mechanics will also attain the prestigious TechSafe registration, demonstrating their expertise in EV maintenance and ensuring they meet industry standards. This Skills Bootcamp is up to 16-weeks in duration.  

Skills Bootcamp in Construction (External Link)

The Construction Skills Bootcamp offers qualifications in trade skills that are in high demand in the construction industry, enhancing employability prospects. This Skills Bootcamp provides an opportunity to learn valuable skills and is up to 12 weeks in duration. 



Rochdale Training

Skills Bootcamp in Welding (External Link)

Participants will learn the skills needed to prepare for the exciting world of the welding industry. This will enable learners to develop the relevant skills, behaviours, knowledge, and health and safety awareness training required for working in the welding sector. Key topics will include, interpreting engineering information, handling materials, material preparation, shaping components using hand tools, metal fabrication techniques and basic welding processes. 

3D 360

Skills Bootcamp in 3D Printing, 3D CAD and Digital Manufacturing (External Link)

This Skills Bootcamp focuses on providing an understanding of the capabilities of Additive/Digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0. The course covers Industry 4.0 technologies such as 3D Printing, Robotics and Automation, AR & VR, AI, IoT, Cyber/Big Data, and Electrification.
It is perfect for those wishing to become self-employed or reskill/upskill in modern manufacturing and production methods. All learners who successfully complete the Skills Bootcamp get to keep the 3D printer that they build and learn how to operate during the course.


Skills Bootcamp in Hospitality Horizons (External Link)

This Skills Bootcamp in Hospitality Horizons has been designed with employers and delivery partners, Ways to Wow and Be Inclusive Hospitality, for individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel. For employers, Hospitality Horizons can help harness the potential of your workforce and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.

The Growth Company

Skills Bootcamp in Hospitality Management (External Link)

This Skills Bootcamp offers a condensed yet comprehensive introduction to hospitality management. In just 11 weeks, learners will gain valuable insights into the key principles and practices that drive the industry. Via online workshops delivered by expert tutors, learners will complete five units covering a range of topics including, recruitment, risk management, leading a team, supervising customer service and performance; they also acquire valuable skills in communication, problem-solving, and team coordination. 

Health and Social Care

Rochdale Training

Skills Bootcamp in Health and Social Care (External Link)

This Skills Bootcamp covers a range of general skills and knowledge needed by anyone who wants to work a health and social care role. This course includes several units covering subjects such as duty of care and safeguarding, the principles of mental capacity, equality, inclusion, confidentiality, mental health conditions and more 

Residential Childcare

Acorn Training

Skills Bootcamp in Residential Childcare (External Link)

This Skills Bootcamp serves as the ideal starting point for individuals aspiring to work in Residential Childcare and Supported Accommodation settings. It provides a well-rounded foundation in child development, communication, safeguarding, and crisis intervention. This comprehensive approach is complemented by the cultivation of qualities such as empathy, compassion, and resilience. Additionally, the Skills Bootcamp incorporates a work experience placement to provide first hand insight into the sector.


Think Employment

Skills Bootcamp in Teaching Support (External Link)

A flexible Skills Bootcamp in Teaching Support, where courses start every two weeks. This 16-week online program allows learners to build sector-specific skills at their own pace. By attending regular scheduled live lessons and following tutors' instructions, participants will complete modules covering topics such as child development, safeguarding, professional relationships, communication, inclusion, health and safety, special educational needs, and more, fast-tracking learners to an interview with potential employers. 

The Growth Company

Skills Bootcamp in Education and Training (External Link)

This Skills Bootcamp in Education and Training is perfect for anyone wanting to pursue a career in teaching in post-16 setting such as colleges and training providers. Learners on this Skills Bootcamp will gain an introduction to teaching that will give an insight into the roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training, how to plan and deliver inclusive teaching sessions and how to assess and give constructive feedback. 

Rochdale Training

Skills Bootcamp in Teaching Assistant with SEND (External Link)

This course is for anyone looking to work in a school as a teaching assistant. There is a focus on the Special Educational Needs of children throughout the course. The course provides learners with the theory and practical solutions to understand the development of children, effective teaching, and learning. Key topics will include the influences that impact behaviour, safeguarding and duty of care, and supporting vulnerable children. 

Security and Events

New Generation Training and Consultancy (NGTC)

Skills Bootcamp in Covert Surveillance Training (External Link)

This 6-week Skills Bootcamp is targeted at individuals aiming to qualify for a full Close Protection SIA license, focusing on Covert Surveillance and Close Protection roles. It includes training in first aid, CCTV operation, close protection, and covert surveillance operations, preparing candidates for deployment under the Private Security Act (2001). The course is suitable for those interested in close protection and door supervision roles.

Skills Bootcamp in Dog Handling Academy (External Link)

This 6-week Skills Bootcamp is designed for candidates interested in general-purpose dog handling or specialising in drug detection dogs. It covers essential skills, knowledge, and qualifications for these roles, including understanding canine behaviour, and responsible management of working dogs.

Skills Bootcamp in Event Safety Future Leaders (External Link) 

This 8-week Skills Bootcamp is aimed at individuals looking to advance into supervisory or managerial positions in event safety, this course covers event safety management skills. It prepares participants to ensure attendee and staff safety during events, focusing on planning, coordinating, and delivering safe events.

Skills Bootcamp in Event Safety Management(External Link) 

This 16-week Skills Bootcamp is tailored for those interested in careers in event safety roles. It equips participants with the knowledge and qualifications needed for ensuring safety at events, including risk assessment, crowd management, and emergency response.

Skills Bootcamp in Security Future Leaders (External Link)

This 5-week Skills Bootcamp is intended for individuals aspiring to leadership and management roles in the security industry. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes security strategies, risk assessment, crisis management, and leadership principles, preparing participants for supervisory and managerial positions within the security sector.



Skills Bootcamp in Bus Driver Training (External Link)

Greater Manchester ‘Route to Success’ is a free training programme for people with no bus driving experience and equips them with the skills to become professional drivers. Learners will get new skills and knowledge, gain a PCV licence and are guaranteed an interview with a bus operator within Greater Manchester. 

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