Mayoral Police and Crime Commissioner Precept

The policing precept is the amount you contribute to local policing through your council tax bill. Most of the money for funding police – about 80% - comes from a central Government grant. But the Government has cut this by £250m since 2010, which has seen the loss of 2,000 police officers and 1,000 non-police staff.

This year, the police grant included an additional £15m for Greater Manchester Police. However, whilst Ministers badged this as an investment in local policing, this money will merely cover the police pension shortfall - an additional financial burden caused by the Treasury moving the goalposts on how it calculates pension contributions.

The Government also said that local areas could increase the police precept by £24 for Band D properties. For Greater Manchester this will cost Band D residents 46p per week, and just 36p for Band B residents.

This precept increase will raise £18m. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor Bev Hughes have pledged to use this to:

  • recruit at least 320 additional police officers
  • continue to improve the 101 service
  • increase the grants to local authorities to fund community safety initiatives, and
  • tackle both serious and violent crime and violence against women and girls


How much will you pay?

The amount of council tax you will pay to fund Greater Manchester Police depends on the rateable value of your property – known as your tax band.


Income and expenditure – a comparison

The 2019/20 overall precept requirement is £148,765,398. A comparison of expenditure and income for 2018/19 and 2019/20 is as follows: 

  Total Total  
  18/19 19/20 variance
Total Employee Related £504.45 £536.93 £32.47
Pensions £125.62 £119.93 -£5.69
Premises Related £31.28 £32.09 £0.81
Supplies & Services £55.96 £66.96 £11.00
Agency Payments £22.14 £27.62 £5.48
Transport Related £6.29 £6.26 -£0.04
Capital Financing £30.84 £11.68 -£19.15
Transfer to/from Reserves -£11.92 -£2.77 £9.16
Specific Grants  -£170.97 -£167.49 £3.48
Income & Sponsorship -£34.84 -£35.56 -£0.72
Net Budget Requirement £558.86 £595.65 £36.80
Home Office Grant/RSG/NNDR -£428.02 -£443.07 -£15.05
Precept/ CT Surplus -£130.84 -£152.58 -£21.74
Total Funding -£558.86 -£595.65 -£36.80
Surplus / Shortfall £0.00 £0.00 £0.00