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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Greater Manchester Combined Authority is proud to be a responsible employer that believes in the economic empowerment of employees.

We are committed to continuing with our intent to provide a truly inclusive place to work, where our colleagues thrive and gain fulfilment, irrespective of gender or ethnic diversity. This is not only the honourable thing to do but it is vital to the successful growth we wish to enable within our flourishing Greater Manchester communities.

Each year, we publish our gender pay gap figures to comply with the statutory reporting requirements of the UK government.

We are voluntarily sharing our GMCA wide ethnicity pay gap. We hope by publishing the ethnicity pay gap annually it will drive progress in diversifying our staff groups ethnicity representation and be used as a reporting tool to assist with embedding a diverse and inclusive culture within the GMCA.

The comparison of March 2023 GPG results alongside the March 2022 results conveys the changes and improvements GMCA are making as an organisation to increase gender equality amongst staff.

Overall, results show in March 2023 that the GMCA has maintained a reduced gender inequality within the workplace as our gender pay gap mean is below the national average by around 22.0 percentage points and the median by 29.0 percentage points.

This suggests the GMCA are moving forward by promoting an increase of women into a historically male dominated workforce and into roles that are more senior.

2023 Gender Pay Gap (PDF, 477KB)

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