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We can't reach our ambitious vision for a prosperous, self-reliant Greater Manchester on our own.

So we have teamed up with various public, private and voluntary organisations. We have two types of partner:

  • Organisations that deliver specific tasks on behalf of the GMCA. For example we can employ a training-provider to deliver skills-training that helps people back into work.
  • Major partner organisations that contribute to our ambitions at a higher, decision-making, level. Their senior staff are part of our leadership team, bringing their expertise and experience to issues that affect everyone in Greater Manchester, like crime or health for instance.

Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

The Local Enterprise Partnership (opens in a new tab) is one of those major partners. It's a private sector-led voluntary board of business people and council representatives with a range of powers and responsibilities.

The LEP supports our businesses to adapt to changing demands and to be more outward-looking. It helps identify and develop the skills they need, and contributes to a commercial environment that attracts investors.

The LEP jointly owns the 'Stronger Together': the Greater Manchester Strategy which describes how we will use economic growth, and the reform of public services, to make the region self-reliant by 2020.

Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO)

This is the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector support and development organisation covering the Greater Manchester city region.

Visit Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation website (opens in a new tab)

Other major partners

The other major partners who are part of Greater Manchester's leadership team are:

Greater Manchester Police (opens in a new tab) 

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (opens in a new tab)

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (opens in a new tab)

NHS (opens in a new tab)

Transport for Greater Manchester (opens in a new tab)

The Growth Company (opens in a new tab)