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Mayor responds to Delay Repay announcement


A response from the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, to the Department for Transport's Delay Repay announcement.

Andy said: “Along with Leaders from across the North, I have continually called on the Government to introduce Delay Repay compensation for 15 minute delays so today’s announcement is a welcome one.

“Compensation for delays of 15 to 29 minutes has been available to passengers in London and other parts of the country for some time and its introduction in the North is long overdue.

“Northern passengers have had to put up with seemingly endless misery and this move to ensure more passengers can access a greater level of compensation is the least they deserve.

“However the crisis on the North’s railways has not gone away. The Transport Secretary has said that fixing rail services in the North is his number one priority.  His Department must now turn that rhetoric in to a reality.

“Passengers should not be expected to accept delays, even with greater compensation. I repeat Transport for the North’s call for a troubleshooter to bang heads together and get trains running properly across the North again. I hope we hear more on this from the Government today.”

Article Published: 14/12/2018 13:53 PM