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What’s a Workplace Safari? Learn how your business can involve and inspire young people.

As business leaders, we hold a unique opportunity to shape the future of our industries and communities. It's about opening our doors to the next generation through an initiative we're passionate about—Workplace Safaris. But what exactly is a Workplace Safari, and why should your business consider hosting one? Nick Isherwood, CIO of Advania, shares his experience and guides you through this transformative journey.

The Impact:

I remember the first time I hosted a Workplace Safari at Advania, I was amazed by the level of engagement and enthusiasm from both our employees and the visiting students. It was a transformative experience that reminded me of the power we hold as business leaders to make a lasting impact on the lives of young people.

Many of these students will not have had exposure to the diverse range of careers we offer, and Workplace Safaris have opened their eyes to the exciting possibilities within our sector. One student summed it up perfectly: "The best experience was walking into Advania and really seeing with my own eyes what it's like to work in a technology company."

Benefits for Your Business:

Hosting a Workplace Safari offers numerous benefits beyond inspiring the next generation:

  1. Talent Pipeline: I believe the technology sector is an exciting place to work. We needed a way to demonstrate this and to help the next generation think of our industry and our company as places where they could potentially build a career. By showcasing your industry and workplace, you're planting seeds of interest in the minds of students and nurturing a talent pipeline that can fuel your business's growth for years to come.

  2. Employee Engagement: Involving your employees in the Workplace Safari experience can reignite their sense of purpose and pride in their work, but also gives them an opportunity to give back to the community and develop their skills. Seeing the excitement on the students' faces and having the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences can be incredibly rewarding and energising for your team members.
  1. Community Impact: As business leaders, we have a responsibility to contribute to the sustainable development of our communities. By hosting a Workplace Safari, you're not only investing in the future of your business but also playing a pivotal role in addressing skills gaps and fostering economic growth in our city region.
  1. Brand Visibility: Here at Advania, we were "recognised as pioneers in this area" by organisations like Microsoft and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, enhancing our brand visibility and reputation, attracting both potential employees and customers who value community engagement and social responsibility.

Things to Consider:

In our hybrid working environment, Workplace Safaris offer a fantastic opportunity to bring our team back into the office and foster team cohesion. However, there are important considerations to bear in mind during the planning process, including space management, noise control, safeguarding, and ensuring the security of sensitive information.

Top Tips:

Make it fun and interactive! Mix in industry trends and insights, hands-on activities, share practical tips on CV writing and preparing for job interviews, and keep the energy high with a variety of speakers. And don't forget to build in plenty of breaks to keep everyone engaged and refreshed.

A Call to Action:

Hosting a Workplace Safari is an investment in the future of your business, your industry, and the broader community. By opening your doors and providing a glimpse into the world of work, you have the power to shape young minds, inspire passion, and contribute to building a talented and diverse workforce. It has also given our employees a sense of purpose by allowing them to inspire the next generation.

“I've already planned more Workplace Safaris for this year, and I strongly encourage other business owners to embrace this opportunity as well. It's an investment in your future workforce, building a strong brand, and supporting job growth in our communities.”

Advania is the tech company with people at heart – and a leading Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud. Watch the Workplace Safari video hosted by Advania.

If you're interested in learning more about how to host one, please contact GMCA here:


Article Published: 08/05/2024 14:19 PM