Our priorities have evolved for a refreshed Greater Manchester Digital Blueprint, and are now more clearly focused on delivering benefits that help the city region’s people lead healthier, happier lives.

Each of our five digital priorities, co-designed and developed with the input of key stakeholders is supported by pan-Greater Manchester public sector projects. These combine with inclusive community, local authority, private, not-for-profit and academic work.

Our plan connects the wealth of digital change that’s going on, and will help us reach a shared ambition that underpins and enables both the Local Industrial Strategy and the Greater Manchester Strategy


The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all areas of life in many and substantial ways, the GMCA Digital Portfolio have been working identifying ways digital technologies can be used to improve people’s lives across Greater Manchester. This has not only included new innovations but assessing the possibility of bringing forward priorities identified in the GM Digital Blueprint.  Read more about the GMCA Digital response to Covid-19 here


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The Greater Manchester Tech Fund

The Greater Manchester Technology Fund provides schools and colleges with the technology needed in ‘at-home’ settings to continue their learning.

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Digital Response to COVID-19

The GMCA Digital have been identifying ways digital technologies can be used to during Covid-19..

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Digital Strategy

Our blueprint for doing digital differently

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Digital Strategy Priority 1: Empowering People

Ensuring everyone can benefit from the opportunities digital brings.

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Digital Strategy Priority 2: Enabling Innovative Public Services

Joined-up, user-friendly public services

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Digital Strategy Priority 3: Digitally Enabling All Businesses

Enabling businesses to digitise and make the most of the opportunities that brings

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Digital Strategy Priority 4: Creating and Scaling Digital Businesses

Encouraging and supporting digital businesses to start, grow or move to Greater Manchester.

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Digital Strategy Priority 5: Being a Global Digital Influencer

Taking our position as an internationally-recognised centre of digital excellence

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Strengthening our Digital Talent Pipeline

Creating a digitally-skilled, ready-to-go workforce

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Extending our world-class digital infrastructure

Ensuring we have a world-class digital infrastructure to be a leading digital city-region

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