Graphene Engineering building

Digitally enabling a resilient and prosperous economy

Digitally enabling a resilient and prosperous economy

We will both enable all businesses to use technology better and support the creation and scaling of digital organisations for the benefit of the UK and the people of Greater Manchester.

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We will:

  • Lead the way on inclusive employment practices and pathways to support diverse communities to thrive in tech roles, creating belief in these opportunities and to attract experienced individuals 
  • Enlarge our tech talent pipeline and develop advanced technical skills for growth and innovation, driving investment in our high growth sectors. 
  • Provide support and guidance to businesses to access and retain skilled individuals. 
  • Support all businesses to upskill their workforce, adopt the right digital tools and cyber secure practices. 
  • Expand and better exploit our research and development assets, in particular our universities, to increase the productivity of Greater Manchester’s frontier sectors and to level up through innovation. 
  • Continue to develop a world leading, responsible digital security ecosystem and sector. 
  • Pursue environmentally sustainable business practices through better use of technology and effective use of data. 
  • Attract further international and UK inward investment.

Main Projects:

Foundational Economy Review (GMCA)

Greater Manchester Cyber Resilience Centre (GMP)

Greater Manchester Cyber Strategy 2023-28

Innovation Accelerator

Local Growth Fund Initiatives (GMCA)

Made Smarter and Digital Enablement Services (Growth Hub)