We want to ensure that everyone in Greater Manchester, whatever their age, location or situation, can benefit from the opportunities digital brings.


  • Offer digital access to public services that is joined up, user friendly and makes sense
  • Make sure everyone can get online to access public services within their community
  • Help everyone to be confident internet users
  • Help people avoid internet harms like online fraud
  • Give plentiful opportunity to feedback, recognising the importance to people that their voices are heard
  • Invest in the security and privacy of the systems that hold public data people should have absolute confidence in what’s happening to their information


  • Early Years Digitisation (GMCA)
  • Integrated Digital Healthcare Record (Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership)
  • Greater Manchester Digital Platform (GMCA and Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership)
  • Get Greater Manchester Digital (GMCA, councils and partners)

The Greater Manchester Digital Platform

The Greater Manchester Digital Platform is an advanced tool itself that can be communicated as an exemplar of good practice in Greater Manchester. The Platform was created to ensure that professionals supporting residents have the right information, at the right time and in the right way. The Digital Platform provides the infrastructure that can be rapidly adopted in other priority areas to drive improvements in the health and wealth of Greater Manchester’s 2.8m citizens, whether this is in health, care or the wider public sector.  We’re already looking at how it can be applied in Victim Support, Homelessness and other important areas of health

Find out more about the digital platform and the different applications that sit on it


Bringing Digital Technology to Digitise Care in Early Years

One of the areas we’re looking to transform through digital technology is the assessments we undertake with our youngest citizens.

Find out how we’re using digital to give children the best start in life.