Green Summit

Green Summit 2019, March 25, The Lowry

Tickets have now sold out - the live stream will appear here on the day.

We face major environmental challenges that threaten the health and prosperity of our region. Greater Manchester is taking action with the 5-Year Environment Plan, to be launched at the Green Summit.

The plan sets out our long-term environmental vision – to be carbon neutral by 2038 – and the urgent actions we all need to take in the next 5 years to help achieve this.

It is the outcome 12-months consultation and collaboration with all parts of the Greater Manchester family and the Summit is an opportunity to galvanise this commitment and unify our actions.

Tickets for the event have now all sold out. However, the Summit will be live-streamed on the day and the link will be available on this page in due course.

5-Year Environment Plan

Our environment in Greater Manchester underpins all aspects of our daily lives. We face urgent and significant environmental challenges in Greater Manchester. They require us all to take action now. Our 5-Year Environment Plan sets out the urgent actions all of us need to take over the next five years. The plan focusses on the key parts of our daily lives where action is required and a small set of key priorities within each of those areas, where we need to take action over the next 5 years and beyond to achieve our aims.

Green Summit 2018 – a recap

The Green Summit 2018 revealed that Greater Manchester is one of the few cities in the world that is using a science-based approach to evaluating carbon targets and trajectories.

The 2018 event was also used to launch the Plastic-Free Greater Manchester Campaign.

A number of proposals arose from the first Green Summit, which have fed into the Springboard Report – the Green Summit action plan. Proposals included:

  • Bringing forward the date by which we make Greater Manchester carbon neutral by at least a decade to 2040, or even 2038!
  • Exploring the creation of a Greater Manchester energy company able to invest in energy generation, storage and control technologies to generate revenue from 'grid balancing'
  • Electricity North West leading a workstream to find out how Greater Manchester can generate more energy locally from smart, renewable sources
  • UK Green Buildings Council leading a workstream to assess how our current building stock can be retrofit at an affordable cost, potentially generating new jobs for the region
  • Greater Manchester’s Plan for Homes, Jobs, and the Environment (the Spatial Framework) including a date by which all new homes built across Greater Manchester will need to be net zero carbon
  • Doubling the number of electric vehicle charging points
  • Moving to an emissions-free bus fleet
  • Investing up to £50m per year for three years to transform cycling and walking in the city-region
  • Launching a Plastic-Free Greater Manchester campaign to eliminate single-use plastics.

Springboard Report

Ambitious plans to make Greater Manchester one of the leading green city-regions in the UK and Europe were approved on 27 July 2018. Following on from the Mayor's Green Summit, held in March 2018, the report acted as a springboard for our environmental ambitions and the five-year plan.

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