Taking Action, Today, Tomorrow and Together

Greater Manchester is adopting a clear and ambitious approach to climate action, driven by the science and evidence but with individual, community, industry and institutional action at its heart. 

An approach that recognises the role we can all play in taking action to reduce carbon emissions and improve our environment and one that champions collective endeavour, partnership, innovation and positive action.

Where we all take action - making better choices, smarter swaps, buying and consuming more consciously, replacing, re-using or reducing.  Investing in and embracing more sustainable businesses, organisations, lives and lifestyles.

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Five-Year Environment Plan

Setting out our long-term environmental vision to be carbon neutral by 2038

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Energy Supply

We need to reduce CO2 emissions that are produced by the energy we use.

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Transport and Travel

We need to improve our air quality and reduce CO2 emissions that are produced.

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Natural environment

We need to protect, maintain and enhance our key natural assets.

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Homes, workplaces and public buildings

We need to reduce CO2 emissions produced by the excessive use of energy,

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Learn more about our ambition to be the greenest city region in Europe

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