Green Summit 2019 - March 25, The Lowry

You can watch the Green Summit live here thanks to the BBC.

We have also recorded the entire event so you will still be able to watch from the start at a later date.

We face major environmental challenges that threaten the health and prosperity of our region. Greater Manchester is taking action with the 5-Year Environment Plan, to be launched at the Green Summit.

The plan sets out our long-term environmental vision – to be carbon neutral by 2038 – and the urgent actions we all need to take in the next 5 years to help achieve this.

It is the outcome 12-months consultation and collaboration with all parts of the Greater Manchester family and the Summit is an opportunity to galvanise this commitment and unify our actions.

Latest news
Plastic-Free Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester has launched the first city-region wide plan to drive down avoidable single-use plastics!

#PlasticFreeGM asks businesses, organisations and individuals to pledge to take action to reduce avoidable single use plastics across Greater Manchester. #PlasticFreeGM works with campaigning partners to provide information and advice to guide more sustainable choices.

A number of sector specific campaigns are taking off to offer relevant support and information on reducing single use plastics.

Natural Capital

Natural capital is the stock of “environmental assets” - the elements of the natural world such as land, forests, water, soil, air, minerals and oceans that provide benefits to people. Natural capital identifies and places a financial value upon these assets. Greater Manchester is the first city-region in the UK to develop a Natural Capital Investment Plan designed to encourage investments in natural capital that deliver financial as well as social returns. 

Waste and Resources

Waste and Resources are responsible for the management and disposal of municipal waste from Greater Manchester. This was formerly known as Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

Clean air

Greater Manchester is developing a Clean Air Plan to tackle harmful and illegally high levels of roadside air pollution across the city-region.

Waste and minerals plan

The Waste Plan was adopted by each of the ten Greater Manchester authorities and came into force on 1st April 2012. It sets out a waste planning strategy to 2027 which enables the adequate provision of waste management facilities in appropriate locations for municipal, commercial and industrial, construction and demolition and hazardous waste.  

The Minerals Plan was adopted by each of the ten Greater Manchester authorities and came into force on 26th April 2013. It sets out the minerals planning strategy to 2027 and identifies:

  • the locations where mineral extraction may take place;
  • The safeguarding of sensitive environmental features and of mineral resources
  • with potential for future extraction; and
  • All aspects of environmental amenity and resource protection including the
  • sustainable transportation of minerals
Warm homes

500 homes across Greater Manchester will get a new central heating system fitted for free* thanks to the Warm Homes Fund.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) has secured £1.8 million from this national fund which has been established by National Grid and is administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions. It will offer a helping hand to households struggling to afford to stay warm and those who are vulnerable to the cold that do not currently have a central heating system.

The scheme is running throughout 2018-19 but is operating on a first-come, first-served basis and will close to new applications once all the funds have been allocated.

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

Greater Manchester’s Plan for Homes, Jobs, and the Environment (the spatial framework) has been put together by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), which comprises the Mayor of Greater Manchester and the leaders of Greater Manchester's ten local councils.

This plan is about providing the right homes, in the right places, for people across our city region. It’s about creating jobs and improving infrastructure to ensure the future prosperity of Greater Manchester.

The plan talks about jobs and homes, but it’s about so much more than bricks and mortar. It's about reducing inequalities, improving the lives of our residents, and transforming Greater Manchester into the world-leading city-region we know it can be.


Find out more about Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub and how businesses, universities and the public sector are working together on carbon reduction and low carbon growth at:

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