The Faith Advisory Panel is made up of interfaith organisations and groups that represent specific religions from across Greater Manchester.

It is aimed at providing these existing networks with more ability to influence decision-making across a wide range of policy areas.

Faith communities make a major contribution to our society in areas such as housing, education, health and wellbeing, social care and neighbourhood cohesion.

The panel will provide a unified, city region-wide voice for faith communities and provide Greater Manchester’s leaders with advice, support and challenge.

The faith panel launched in March 2021 and will evolve its own agenda and ways of working.

Organisations invited to join the panel include:

Inter-Faith Organisations

Greater Manchester Faith Community Leaders

  • District inter-faith groups (from all ten boroughs)
  • Council of Christians and Jews
  • Muslim Jewish Forum for Greater Manchester
  • Hindu Jewish Association (for Manchester)

Specific faith communities

Baha’i Community

  • Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Manchester


  • Fo Guang Shan Manchester Temple

Christian Community

  • Greater Manchester Churches Together
  • Manchester Cathedral
  • Churches Network Movement for Recovery

Hindu Community

  • World Council of Hindus
  • Sangha


  • Greater Manchester Humanists

Jain Community

  • Jain Samaj

Jewish Community

  • The Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region
  • Jewish Strategic Group

Muslim Community

  • Greater Manchester Council of Mosques

Sikh Community

  • Singh Sabha (Central) Gurdwara
  • Sri Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara

New panel will provide strong voice for faith communities (news story)

For further information on the Faith Advisory Panel please contact