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Older people

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As the costs of energy, food and other bills continue to rise, the coming months are expected to be difficult for many older residents across the city-region.

There are lot of services that can help. 

The Greater Manchester Ageing Hub has partnered with national older person's charity Independent Age to launch Winterwise, a new guide to keeping well during the winter period. 

  • ‘Stay warm’ – Providing information about the financial support that older people could access to help them with rising energy costs

  • ‘Stay safe’ – Focusing on home safety advice for older people, including fire safety, how to spot and report scams, and what to do if they fall

  • ‘Stay well’ – Tips and advice on mental health and wellbeing, eating well and keeping active

Find out more about Winterwise here

It is also key to make sure that you, or an older person in your life, is claiming pension credit that they may be entitled to. 

There are around 36,000 eligible households not claiming Pension Credit in Greater Manchester - that’s a third of those who are eligible. The average value to households is estimated at £34 per week. This equates to £70m per year across the city region. This is all extra income that could be put back into older people’s pockets and potentially spent within our local economy

You can find out more about pension credits here

It is also important that we check-in on the older people in our lives or in our neighbourhoods. 

Here are some simple conversation starters to see if older people are getting the support they need:

  • How are you doing today?

  • Are you warm enough at home?

  • Are you able to get the food you need?

  • Are you managing to stay active?

  • So much is online now – do you need help to get anything sorted?

  • Do you know about community warm spaces in your area?

  • Would you like a free home fire safety check from the Fire Service?

  • Have you checked your home for trip hazards?

  • What’s on the menu tonight?

  • Are you up to date with your jabs?

  • Have you checked you are getting all the financial support you are entitled to

  • Did you know, your local council has a dedicated phone number for cost of living support and advice?