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Vector Homes

Vector Homes

Vector Homes is an ambitious clean-tech company which is part of the Graphene@Manchester ecosystem. It is developing sustainable and affordable smart houses from nano-material enhanced recycled materials to help tackle the national housing crisis.

Dr Liam Britnell, Vector Homes’ chief technical officer, said: “The world-leading expertise in the development and commercialisation of nano-materials in Manchester makes it the perfect location to grow the company and deliver an impact at pace.”

Vector Homes is on a mission to cut the carbon and costs in construction and has designed its core product around the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Nathan Feddy, Vector Homes’ CEO, said: “The Vector Homes system will improve all aspects of the residential built environment, from the planning phase until the end-of-life.”

The company has been supported by the fund to progress the development and demonstration of its highly innovative building system.