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Research: Behavioural Insight

About BIT: North

BIT: North (opens in a new window) is Behavioural Insight's Team's (BIT) first regional office in the UK. Based in Manchester, it helps city-regions and local areas in the North of England use behavioural insights to achieve greater efficiency and tackle key challenges.

It's founding partners are the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Health and Social Care Partnership who we have worked closely with since 2016.

Below is a selection of the work we have done in Greater Manchester. This page is intended to be a repository of the work we have done in the city region, and is a way of sharing the projects we have completed.

Health & social care

Skills & employment

Economic growth


Early years

Who we are

BIT is a social purpose company that helps design policies and programmes based on how people actually behave. We do this by drawing on research and ideas grounded in the behavioural sciences and on our experience gained over the past eight years applying these insights in a wide variety of sectors.

We are also highly empirical. We strive to test and trial our ideas before they are scaled up. This enables us to understand what works and, importantly, what does not work.

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