Our Prospectus for Rail

Greater Manchester’s rail network should help us to make sure that people who live, work and visit our city-region benefit from world-class connections that support sustainable economic growth and access to opportunity for all.

While Greater Manchester’s control over Metrolink means it can continue to grow and evolve to meet demand, the current passenger rail system is failing to provide the service that people and businesses deserve.

Our Prospectus for Rail, which builds on Our Network, sets out what is needed for a transformational change in both tram and train services so that all rail travel can play a full part in the future prosperity of Greater Manchester.

Central to the Prospectus is ‘GM Rail’, an ambition for Greater Manchester to secure greater influence and devolved control over passenger rail services. Just like with Metrolink, with proper devolved control and funding over rail services - and the accountability that comes with it - we will have the opportunity to design and deliver the services which Greater Manchester needs.

Devolved GM Rail will also ensure rail can ensure the Our Network vision for a fully integrated public transport network, with easy and convenient connections between all modes, is achievable.

The vision is to double rail passenger numbers to the regional centre to 200,000 by 2040, increasing journeys by National Rail services to Manchester Airport by 100% and delivering local rail services that operate at a turn-up-and-go frequency of at least four trains an hour.