A pink logo for the Greater Manchester Apprenticeship Hub


In Greater Manchester, we see apprenticeships differently because we recognise the contribution and opportunities they bring to city region - its people and its businesses. Here, organisations work together to ensure all apprenticeship opportunities are of the highest quality. We consider ourselves exemplars for apprenticeship employment, providing a wide range of opportunities to develop skills and improve business productivity.

Our vision is that:

  • Greater Manchester will lead the way in apprenticeship employment, providing quality opportunities for learning and development.
  • More of our employers than ever before will see the contribution that high quality, sustainable¬†apprenticeships can make to their business and their workforce.
  • Our residents will be inspired and supported to make decisions about how an apprenticeship can support their personal and professional development.
  • In Greater Manchester, apprenticeships create more and better opportunities for anyone looking to develop their career at any time.

For more information about apprenticeships in Greater Manchester, check the #SEEDIFFERENT | The Apprenticeship Hub #SEEDIFFERENT website.

Or, for national opportunities, check out Government's Apprenticeships page