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Karen Gabay

Karen Gabay is a TV & podcast producer, radio presenter and award-winning filmmaker. Karen's specialisms include popular culture, music and documenting local history in Manchester. Karen has won awards for her social history output and her radio features.

She is known for her work both with emerging and established performers & producers in the arts and music and also has a strong talent network at an international A-list level in music, film, and television.

Her production credits included acclaimed documentaries - Reggae Britannia, The Hit Factory, When Bob Marley Came to Britain and 7 Up and Me.

Karen has been involved in the curation of exhibitions and soundscapes for exhibitions that include, Belle Vue: Showground to the World, The History of Disabled Living and the Emory Douglas exhibition.

She is an award-winning filmmaker, producing film shorts on the lesser-known histories of Manchester's migrant communities and in her radio career she has interviewed a diverse range of artists that include Lauryn Hill, Barry Adamson, Tori Amos, Marshall Jefferson and of course numerous Manchester musicians and music personnel.

Karen is passionate about representing the untold histories of Manchester's music scene and Manchester's future music scene and its support network.