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If you are interested in applying to join the Greater Manchester Music Commission please download an application form below and return it to by noon, Friday 17 September.

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Greater Manchester Music Commission

In 2019, UK Music and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) published the Greater Manchester Music Review (PDF, 7.5MB) which included ten recommendations on how the city region could support and develop music in Greater Manchester. One of the recommendations was the formation of a Greater Manchester Music Commission.

This recommendation was included in Andy Burnham’s manifesto.

Following the re-election of Andy Burnham as Mayor of Greater Manchester in May 2021, GMCA is establishing the Commission, which will meet four times a year, from 2021 onwards. Andy Burnham will be the political lead for the Greater Manchester Music Commission, with support from co-chairs.

The role of the Greater Manchester Music Commission will be to support and promote music in Greater Manchester. Commissioners will be asked to:

  • Identify opportunities to develop talent and audiences within the Greater Manchester music ecology, as well as its prominence, reputation, and success both nationally and internationally
  • Identify areas requiring intervention
  • Prioritise these opportunities and challenges within the context of the local financial/political/health, etc. landscape
  • Develop specific actions, interventions and programmes to present to GMCA
  • Provide oversight of StreamGM, the not-for-profit ethical streaming service designed to provide a global platform for GM talent
  • Investigate ways to promote music from Greater Manchester around the world, including investigation of the feasibility of a globally-significant music industry event in Greater Manchester.

The Greater Manchester Music Commission will report to the GMCA Culture and Heritage Steering Group which reports to GMCA, with representation from the steering group on the commission.


As the UK Music report points out, Greater Manchester has a rich and pioneering musical history. This heritage is fantastic for tourism and a point of pride for the people of the city and surrounding boroughs. The Greater Manchester Music Commission should embody the same, pioneering, rebellious and bold spirit, but be forward looking and representative of the music industry in Greater Manchester as it is now, not how it was more than thirty years ago. This pioneering spirit will come from those working in music now. Greater Manchester Music Commission must represent the music ecology of Greater Manchester and be recognisable to its communities. To ensure that membership is representative of those working in music in Greater Manchester currently, the Commission should include:

  • Artists
  • Venues
  • Promoters
  • Festivals
  • Labels
  • Managers
  • Organisations
  • Representative/Membership bodies

It is recommended that, as far as possible, the Greater Manchester Music Commission represent a range of genres, as well as roles. Genres the Greater Manchester Music Commission membership aims to represent include:

  • Rap, Grime, Hip-Hop, Drill, RnB
  • Electronic/DJs/Producers
  • Alt/Rock/Punk
  • SE Asian
  • Classical/Neo-classical
  • Jazz/Nu-Jazz/Soul
  • Indie
  • Folk
  • Pop

Greater Manchester is as cosmopolitan and diverse a city-region as any on the planet and that must be reflected in the commission if it is to resonate with its communities. Issues around Women in Music and racial diversity have been the focal point of some of the most prominent music campaigns in modern times. From programmes like KeyChange, which has successfully fought for gender equality within festival line-ups, to the recent Power-Up programme launched by PRSF in the wake of the BLM movement. Disability is also a major area to consider. Barriers to access live events, learning, rehearsals and almost every other aspect of music continue to inhibit both audience and talent development.

As this is a music commission for Greater Manchester, representation needs to go beyond the city centre, so membership from across Greater Manchester, to ensure that the board is effective in capitalising on our strengths and identifying and addressing areas for improvement, will be essential.