Our natural environment priorities

  1. Managing our land sustainably including planting 1m trees by 2024
  2. Managing our water and its environment sustainably
  3. Achieving a net gain in biodiversity for new development
  4. Increasing investment into our natural environment
  5. Increasing engagement with our natural environment

What we are doing

Natural Capital Investment Plan

Greater Manchester is the first city-region in the UK to develop a Natural Capital Investment Plan - a plan that will help us encourage investment in our natural environment to secure financial and social returns.

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Natural Course

The 20million-euro project aims to integrate water management approaches to deliver the North West England River Basin Management Plan. Specifically it will address barriers holding back the achievement of “good” ecological status for the region’s water bodies, as required by the Water Framework Directive. We will now be working with other organisations including The Environment Agency, United Utilities, Natural England, and Rivers Trust to deliver a better environment for communities in the North West.

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The IGNITION project is a ground-breaking project that aims to develop innovative financing solutions for investment in Greater Manchester’s natural environment. This investment will help to build the city region’s ability to adapt to the increasingly extreme impacts of climate change.

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