Natural Course

What is Natural Course?

Natural Course is an EU-funded LIFE Integrated Project that will run for 10 years to improve and protect the water quality of the North West.

78% of our rivers in North West England are not considered healthy and many solutions are found to be too expensive to implement. The Environment Agency, alongside Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the Rivers Trust, United Utilities and Natural England, are working together to seek cost-effective solutions to improving water quality across urban and rural landscapes, sharing best practice across the UK and Europe.

Natural Course will:

  • Test and inform best practice in achieving UK and EU legislation in water quality.
  • Use the North West River Basin as a flagship project and share best practice with the UK and Europe.
  • Make better use of resources, share ownership of complex issues, reduce barriers and maximise outcomes, through a collaborative approach of organisations from public, private and third sector.

You can find out more about the project on the Natural Course website (opens in a new window).