Documents for Greater Manchester's Plan for Homes, Jobs and the Environment (spatial framework)

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We’re finalising and publishing a range of background documents, including a series of topic papers, which will be available from 21 January 2019. These documents give more detailed information on a range of themes. If you are particularly interested in specific topic areas, for example housing need, the natural environment, and town centres, then you may wish to wait until after 21 January 2019 to submit your response. However, no matter when responses are submitted ahead of the closing date, they will all be considered fully.

Main documents
Individual chapters

Foreword by Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham

  1. Introduction
  2. Context
  3. Our Vision
  4. Our Strategy
  5. A Sustainable and Resilient Greater Manchester
  6. A Prosperous Greater Manchester
  7. Homes for Greater Manchester
  8. A Greener Greater Manchester
  9. A Greater Manchester for Everyone
  10. A Connected Greater Manchester
  11. Proposed Additional Sites (Allocations)
    1. Cross-boundary sites
    2. Bolton
    3. Bury
    4. Manchester
    5. Oldham
    6. Rochdale
    7. Salford
    8. Stockport
    9. Tameside
    10. Trafford
    11. Wigan
  12. Delivering the Plan
Integrated Assessment
Topic papers - (coming soon)

To help explain the Greater Manchester’s Plan for Homes, Jobs, and the Environment, a series of topic papers is being prepared to set out the reasons for the policies in the draft plan. Each topic paper summarises and cross-references:

  • The relevant evidence and explains how this has informed the draft plan
  • The 2016 consultation comments that are relevant to the topic
  • The recommendations of the Integrated Assessment, that seeks to ensure the draft plan is sustainable and promotes equality

The topic papers explain how the draft spatial framework policies and allocations have been derived based on the evidence, consultation comments and Integrated Assessment. We have put these topic papers together to provide you with insight into how and why we have put this draft together, and to give you a more understandable summary of some of the major themes.

Supporting documents

Frequently asked questions

We’ve put together the answers to your frequently asked questions, and we will build on this throughout the consultation process. Email your questions to:


Greater Manchester’s Plan for Homes, Jobs and the Environment, is just one of a number of radical plans designed to shape Greater Manchester’s future, and ensure the city-region can thrive at a time of national uncertainty.

Quality jobs

We want everyone in Greater Manchester to have the skills they need to get on in life and reach their full potential, with access to high-quality jobs. As well as this plan, our local industrial strategy, digital strategy, and good employment charter will help us deliver this.

Homes for the future

Most people accepted the need for housing to help to address the housing crisis but thought the 2016 plan would not deliver affordable housing to meet the needs of local people. The revised plan seeks to deliver a mix of housing to meet the diverse needs of our communities and to support economic growth. It also sets a target of 50,000 additional affordable homes.

We've developed a housing strategy that will help us deliver the mix of homes needed to make Greater Manchester thrive – homes of different sizes, different prices, in places where people want to live; flourishing communities that are well connected to high quality-jobs, transport links, and other facilities, such as health and education.

Clean air

We all have the right to breathe clean air. Our clean air plan has been put together in recognition that our most polluted roads are causing poor health for too many people in Greater Manchester. Taking action now won’t just make the air cleaner – it will save lives.


Our transport delivery plan sits closely alongside this plan for homes, jobs and the environment. It identifies the transport infrastructure needed to support movement across the city-region, taking into account current and future demands.

Sustainable places

We’re taking a “brownfield preference” approach to development, making the most of the brownfield (previously developed) land that we have available. And the Mayor’s Town Centre Challenge is helping to make sure that our proud town centres are being revitalised to create thriving, vibrant communities in well-connected places where people want to live.

Supporting infrastructure

We have looked at the major challenges that we believe our existing infrastructure networks will need to respond to, and are developing a draft infrastructure plan alongside this plan which sets these out.

Green City Region

This plan sets out proposals to support the Greater Manchester ambition to be a carbon-neutral city region by 2038. A key element of this is to require all new development to be net-zero carbon by 2028 and to keep fossil fuels in the ground. At this time, therefore, Greater Manchester authorities will not support fracking.

Evidence papers and references

These documents provide the evidence underpinning this plan, and are referenced in the supporting topic papers. Some papers are still being finalised and published.


  1. Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review
  2. GM Employment Land Supply Statement (2018)
  3. Economic Forecasts for GM (2017)
  4. GM Employment Land Demand Statement (2018)
  5. Brexit and GM (2018)
  6. Deep Dives Sector Report – Phase 1 (2016)
  7. Deep Dives Phase 2 Report – Productivity in GM (2017)
 Natural Environment

 The Natural Environment - Priority Green and Blue Infrastructure

  • Landscape character:
    • Greater Manchester Landscape Character and Sensitivity Assessment
  • Flood risk and water management
  • Greater Manchester Flood Risk Management Framework

Physical Infrastructure

Green Belt