Youth Task Force and Young Person's Guarantee

In June 2020 the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, announced his appointment of Diane Modahl as Chair of the new Youth Task Force – which will help to develop a Young Person’s Guarantee in Greater Manchester.

The Task Force is the driving force behind the Guarantee and will be set up in response to the impact which we know the COVID-19 crisis is having, and is likely to have, on young people.

Protecting and progressing young people’s future is key, particularly around securing future prosperity.

The Guarantee will focus on four key areas:

  • Keeping connected - Increased challenges caused because of social and digital exclusion, particularly amongst young people who are most disconnected and disadvantaged.
  • Staying well - greater risk of poorer mental health and well-being caused by social isolation, reductions in support and increased anxiety about the future.
  • Preparing for transition back into work and/or education - Increased chances of young people experiencing longer-term labour market inequalities and challenges because of the consequences of the pandemic.
  • Reducing economic inequalities - greater risk of poorer transitions from school and college, particularly for those young people in Years 11 and 13, and for those seeking employment.
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Youth Task Force

The driving force behind the Young Person's Guarantee...

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Young Person's Guarantee

Protecting and progressing the future of our young people...

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Youth Advisory Group

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We are listening to people to shape the Young Person's Guarantee...

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Hear from Diane Modahl

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Youth Task Force Newsletters

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Hear from the Youth Advisory Group

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